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HW NARROW Showdown Brass Motor Bracket, 0.8" Wide

U/M: Each

** NOTE:  This motor bracket is NOT intended for use with F1 and GP cars with very narrow bodies.  Use the SLIM motor bracket instead.  Product photos showing motor attached to bracket are for illusration only - motor is NOT included.

The HW NARROW Showdown Brass Motor Bracket, 0.8" Wide is specifically designed for fabricating 1:32 and 1:24 HRW Showdown style brass chassis for cars with narrower chassis (e.g. Hot Rods, Midgets).  This bracket measures 0.8" wide between "outside" edges of bracket arms (for reference, our wider, Standard Bracket measure 1.0").  Features include:

  • Motor mounting holes for FC-130 ("short can") and FK-180 ("long can") motors
  • Sturdy 1mm thick design
  • Designed for 7/32" brass tube sleeve and 3/16" OD bushings
  • Bottom of bracket sits flush with flat surface when motor is installed.  No trimming necessary.

For more information about the HRW Showdown style chassis, please click here.

Compatible Bushings

7/32" Brass Tubing