Items available for pre-order are posted before we actually have the product available to ship.  Estimated availability dates and pricing are based on information from the manufacturer and are subject to change.  When you place a pre-order, please note the following:

  • Pre-order items clearly identify the estimated availability date or timeframe.  The estimated availability date is subject to change based on information from the manufacturer.
  • ** IMPORTANT ** If you plan to order one or more pre-order items and items that are currently in stock, PLEASE PROCESS THE PREORDER ITEMS AS SEPARATE ORDERS.  Please DO NOT combine pre-order and in stock items in the same order.  Doing so will result in your credit card actually being charged for the entire order amount (i.e. preorder and in stock items).
  • If you plan to pre-order multiple items, you will be required to place a separate order for each item.  Shipping will be added to each pre-order.  If two or more pre-orders have the same ship date, we will combine the shipments and refund any overpayment of shipping.
  • During checkout, your credit card information will be captured and securely encrypted and vaulted.  However, your credit card will NOT actually be charged until the pre-order item is actually available for shipment PROVIDED YOUR ORDER ONLY INCLUDES PREORDER ITEMS (see above).
  • If you prefer to pre-order using Paypal, please contact us.
  • The estimated price is subject to change.  We will contact you if the actual price (upon product release) is different than the pre-order price.
  • Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time.  If you decide to cancel a pre-order, please let us know.  Customers who repeatedly cancel pre-order items will not be eligible to place additional pre-orders.
  • Pre-order items are shipped within 2-3 business days of receipt from our suppliers.  You will receive an email notification and tracking number once your order actually ships.