HRW Showdown Proxy Series


The Home Racing World (HRW) Showdown Proxy Series attracts more and more participants who want to try their hand at building a slot car from the ground up using a brass chassis.  One of the great things about the Showdown Proxy Series is the chassis features a straightforward design that is relatively easy to build.  The basic chassis design can be easily adopted for 1:32 or 1:25 scale cars.

If this is your first Showdown Chassis build, please review the Showdown Proxy Series rules for the car class you plan to build.  We STRONGLY recommend spending some time watching the excellent how-to videos put together by Harry Wise, George Pineda and Dave Gourley.  These videos provide detailed step-by-step instructions and show each of the various parts and components that make up a Showdown Chassis.  For convenience, we have provided a link to the videos below.



Links to Parts Lists

While many of the chassis components are the same for both scales, there are some differences.  The links below will take you to pages listing the parts typically used for each scale.  Note the primary focus of these parts lists is first-time builders.  The shopping lists are fairly complete; however, there still may be some odds and ends not on the list.  As we receive feedback, we are continually updating this section to make it as complete as possible.