Scratchbuilding Resources


A growing number of Home Racing World members ( and the "Home Racing World" Facebook group) are discovering scratchbuilding and creating some amazing 1:32 and 1:25 hardbody slot cars.  We've assembled some videos and other resources to help those slot car racers who want to put their "toe in the water" and give scratchbuilding a try.  All videos are Copyright (c) by their respective creators and used with permission.

1:32 Roller Chassis Build Using SCC HRW Showdown Chassis Kit

Jorge ("George") Pineda shows you how to build a complete 1:32 HRW Showdown roller chassis using the HRW 1:32 Showdown Chassis Kit.  With the kit and Jorge's step-by-step instructions, there are no more excuses keeping anyone from joining in on the fun!  This video is Copyright (c) 2023 by Jorge Pineda - used with permission.


1:25 Scale Beach Racers Scratchbuilding How-To

Harry Wise, an avid scratchbuilder (and self-proclaimed "Head Janitor" of Home Racing World), has put together a series of videos showing how to scratchbuild a 1:25 scale Beach Racer.  If you're new to scratchbuilding, these videos will show you the parts you will need and provide detailed explanations of the steps involved to turn the parts into an actual Beach Racer.  The same general techniques can be used to create an endless variety of scratch built slot cars.  These videos are Copyright (c) 2022 by Harry Wise and used with permission.


HRW Showdown Chassis Scratchbuilding How-To

George Pineda, another prolific scratchbuilder who frequents the Home Racing World forums, has also put together a series of videos showing the basics of building a HRW Showdown Series brass chassis.  George describes a complete chassis build including parts required.  These videos are Copyright (c) 2022 by George Pineda and used with permission.


HRW 1:32 ORW Scratchbuilding How-To

Harry Wise (Home Racing World) has also put together a 5-part video series describing how to build a chassis for the HRW ORW 1/32 Showdown Series. You can view the first video in the series using the thumbnail below. A link is also provided to view the remaining four (4) videos in the series. These videos are Copyright (c) 2022 by Harry Wise and used with permission.

To view the remaining videos, please use this link - HRW 1/32 ORW Showdown Series.


RGEO Wire Bender Tutorial

Dave Gourley (aka "ShotgunDave" on Home Racing World) has created a very helpful wire bending video tutorial featuring the RGEO wire bender.  This video is Copyright (c) 2023 by Dave Gourley and used with permission.


Body Mounting Tutorial

Harry Wise from Home Racing World has put together an informative video tutorial showing one technique to mount bodies to a scratch built chassis.  This video is Copyright (c) by Harry Wise and used with permission.