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HW SLIM FF/FK-050 Showdown Brass Motor Bracket, 17mm (.67") Wide

U/M: Each

Note 1:  The motor shown in some product photos is for illustration purposes only - NOT included.  Available for purchase separately.

The HW SLIM Showdown Brass Motor Bracket, 17mm (.67") Wide is specifically designed for FF/FK-050 "slim can" motors.  This bracket is perfect for fabricating HRW Showdown style brass chassis for cars with narrower chassis (e.g. Vintage F1).  This bracket measures approximately 17mm (.67") wide between "outside" edges of bracket arms (for reference, our wider, Standard Bracket measure 1.0").  Features include:

  • Motor mounting holes for FF/FK-050 slim can motors
  • Sturdy 1mm thick design
  • Designed for 7/32" brass tube sleeve and 3/16" OD bushings
  • Bottom of bracket sits flush with flat surface when motor is installed.  No trimming necessary.

Note 2:  A 5.5mm diameter pinion will not fit through the center hole.  There are several ways to deal with this.

1)  Install the motor into the bracket.  Press the pinion on the motor shaft.  This method works best with a "C" style pinion press.  Pinion presses with a rectangular frame may not work.

2)  With a Dremel tool, carefully cut a 1.5mm wide vertical slot from the top center of the bracket to the center hole (see accompanying photo).  This will allow you to install the pinion on the motor first and then slide the motor shaft through the slot for mounting.

Here is a short video showing more detail about cutting the slot.

3)  Carefully enlarge the diameter of the center hole so a 5.5mm pinion will pass through.  In our opinion, the methods described above are better solutions.

For more information about the HRW Showdown style chassis, please click here.

Compatible Bushings

7/32" Brass Tubing