New Feature - Paul Gage Tire Selector

For 1:32 slot car racers, finding replacement tires that fit a given car or wheel can be a big challenge.  Manufacturers of 1:32 slot cars seem to take pleasure in constantly designing wheels with dimensions that are different from previous wheels.  It's no wonder so many customers reach out to us to ask, "What tire do I need for such-and-sucn a car or wheel?"

Given this confusion, we created a "Paul Gage Tire Selector" several years ago.  Our old website feature the Paul Gage Tire Selector and over the years, the number of entries in the underlying database has steadily increased.  One drawback with the original Paul Gage Tire Selector is you couldn't add the result of a tire search directly to your Shopping Cart.  With our new webstore, we've completely redesigned the Paul Gage Tire Selector so you can add any of the tires that show up in the results directly to your Shopping Cart.

The Paul Gage Tire Selector can be accessed by selecting "Tires (By Brand)" from the left side menu and then selecting "Paul Gage (Tire Selector)".  Note we are still populating the tire selector starting with the most popular slot car brands.  We expect to have the Paul Gage Tire Selector fully populated by mid-September.

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