About Us

Slot Car Corner offers a wide selection of slot cars, slot car parts and slot car accessories.  We also provide before and after the sale customer service and support.

Slot Car Corner LLC was formally established in 2006.  The original company principals, Dickie Pearson and Steve Sawtelle, first met while racing in 2004.  In 2013, Dickie stepped down to pursue other interests; however, he still remains active in the background providing consulting assistance.  At about this time, Robert Bianchi came on board as the new co-owner.  Bob is also a long time 1:32 slot car racer who enjoys working with people.  Unlike most distributors and retailers who offer 1/32 slot car products, we are passionate 1/32 racers who race regularly.  In addition to actively hosting race events and participating in local club racing, you'll often find us traveling throughout New England and Quebec (and occassionally farther...) to participate in events hosted by other clubs.

Early on, our primary focus was around high-quality track wiring products and services which were offered through our online store.  As our business grew, we expanded our product offerings to include designing and manufacturing our own line of high-quality aftermarket parts which enhance the racing experience for casual and serious racers alike.  Our line of C.B. Design brand high-performance wheels and Quick Slicks silicone racing tires are just a couple of examples.  More recently, we have partnered with Clover Leaf Racing to develop "Quick Slicks" high-performance silicone racing tires.  Our products are used extensively by many club and proxy race participants and have been used to help set at least 4 world records for 1/32 endurance racing.  As active racers, we are continually looking for ways to improve our existing products and to offer new, innovative products based on feedback from our customers and other racers.

We offer an ever expanding line of high-performance 1:32 slot cars, parts and accessories along with our legendary customer service and support.