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HRW Showdown Resources

We've added a "Scratch Building" section under the top-menu "Resources".  The Scratch Building section is primarily focused on HRW Showdown chassis builds.  The section includes step-by-step videos and detailed parts lists with links directly to our store.  For more information, please use the link below.

Scratch Building (HRW Showdown Proxy)

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New Pre-order Feature

In the past, pre-orders placed on our website required full payment up front.  With our nevised pre-order feature, credit card customers will not be charged until the pre-order item is ready for shipment.  Please click the link below for more details.

Pre-order Information

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New Feature - Paul Gage Tire Selector

New, Improved Paul Gage Tire Selector is Now Available!

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New Feature - View Cart Across Devices

We've just added a feature that will allow you to create a cart on one device and subsequently view it on your other devices.  For example, you create a cart while at work on a PC (during your lunch break...), decide not to checkout just yet, leave for the day, and then decide to later that evening to view the cart and checkout using your phone.

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New Feature - Quick Slicks Tire Selector

New, Improved Quick Slicks Tire Selector Now Available!

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