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HW 1" STANDARD Showdown Brass Motor Bracket, 1.0" Wide

U/M: Each

** NOTE:  Product photos showing motor attached to bracket are for illustration only - motor is NOT included.

The HW STANDARD 1" Showdown Brass Motor Bracket is specifically designed for 1:32 and 1:24 HRW Showdown style brass chassis.  Measures 1" wide between "outside" edges of bracket arms.  Features include:

  • Motor mounting holes for FC-130 and FK-180 motors
  • Sturdy 1mm thick design
  • Designed for 7/32" brass tube sleeve and 3/16" OD bushings
  • Bottom of bracket sits flush with flat surface when motor is installed.  No trimming necessary.

For more information about the HRW Showdown style chassis, please click here.

Compatible Bushings

7/32" Brass Tubing