Controller Adapters

PLEASE NOTE: Because controller adapters are custom fabricated based on your requirements, all sales are final. If you are unsure about which controller adapter(s) you require, please contact us before placing your order.

If you're a solo racer who never hosts races or participates in races hosted by others, you can probably get by without a controller hookup adapter. For everyone else, there's a good chance you may need a controller hookup adapter at some point to make your life a little easier. If you visit other tracks to race, the controller hookups may not match the connector on your controller. When you host races, other racers may want to use their own controller but the connector may not be compatible with your driver's stations. Either way, Slot Car Corner™ can help - we offer a variety of high-quality controller hookup adapters which are easy to use and take up minimal space in your pit box. Our adapters are fabricated using top-of-the-line components including super flexible high-strand silicone wire which will provide years and years of trouble-free service. If you need an adapter which isn't shown below, please contact us with your requirements.

Controller adapter descriptions are in "from - to" format. The "from" represents the type of connector you currently have on your controller. The "to" represents the type of connector you want to convert to (the type of connector needed for the actual connection/hookup to the track). For example, an adapter with a description of "Alligator Clips to XLR (Male)" would be used to convert a controller with alligator clips (the "from") to a male XLR connector. Once one end of the adapter is connected to the controller's alligator clips, the other end of the adapter with the male XLR connector would connect to the track via an XLR jack (female) which is typically located at the driver's station.

IMPORTANT: All controller adapters we offer are polarity independent. If you plan to use an electronic controller (polarity dependent) with an adapter, be sure the track polarity matches your controller polarity (or your electronic controller has some sort of switch/mechanism to reverse polarity to match the track). Controller adapters do NOT switch polarity if there is a mismatch.