Bushing Alignment

Proper bushing alignment is an example of a "little thing" which when combined with other "little things" can make a big difference in how well your car performs. There is exactly one way for bushings to be properly aligned as described in the Bushing Alignment how-to video. Conversely, there are an infinite number of ways they can be misaligned so the odds are really stacked against us. Bushings which are not aligned properly result in unwanted friction in the rear drive train.  This may seem trivial but can reduce rear wheel RPM's noticeably when compared to a car with properly aligned bushings.  While it is virtually impossible to align bushings "perfectly", using the components in these kits will get them very, very close (much closer than just using an axle) and just as importantly, it will ensure consistent, repeatable results.

Keep in mind each of the bushing alignment kits we offer is designed for a specific manufacturer's bushings.  From an alignment standpoint, the axle you plan to use with the bushings is irrelevant.  Select the kit that corresponds to the bushings you plan to use.  Bushing alignment kits are available for bronze bushings from five (5) manufacturers:  Slot Car Corner (SCC), Slot.it, Sideways, Ninco (2.5mm) and NSR.  Kits include a pin gage sized specifically for a given manufacturer's bronze bushings along with a special burr bit to enlarge chassis bushing carriers slightly (refer to the video for more information).

Note:  SCC, Sideways and NSR bronze bushings use the same pin gage.

Individual components in the kits (pin gages and burr bits) are also available for purchase separately.