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HRW Showdown 1:25 Chassis Kit

$84.99 $99.99
U/M: Each

** Note:  This kit requires assembly. **

Available exclusively from Slot Car Corner, the HRW 1:25 Showdown Chassis Kit includes all of the parts needed to scratch build a brass chassis that conforms with HRW 1:25 Showdown rules.  This kit was developed in collaboration with some of the top HRW Showdown builders.  The kit completely eliminates time spent sourcing these parts and any guesswork about exactly what parts are required.

If you purchase this kit, please note the two (2) QR codes on the back of the box.  One QR code will take you to the HRW Showdown sub-forum on Home Racing World.  Here you can find more information about the HRW Showdown series including rules and numerous examples of actual builds.  The second QR code will take you to a page on our website where we will feature examples of HRW Showdown 1:25 scratch builds using this kit (note: this will be a work in progress).

The kit includes the following high-quality parts (quantity 1x unless otherwise indicated):

  • Predator 20,500 RPM Long Can Motor
  • HW 1" Wide Motor Bracket
  • Oilites (2x)
  • 27T Crown Gear for 1/8" Axle (48 Pitch)
  • 9T Pinion Gear (48 Pitch)
  • Solid Steel Axles, 1/8" (2x)
  • HW 1" Guide Tongue
  • 1:24 Guide
  • Guide Nut
  • Guide Spacers (3x)
  • Braid (2x)
  • Motor Lead Wire (2x)
  • Brass side rails (2x)
  • Brass Front Axle Holder
  • Brass Tubing for Rear Axle / Oilites
  • Piano Wire (6x)
  • Brass Strip for Body Mounting
  • 1:24 CB Design 20 x 10.5mm Insert Wheels (4x)
  • Paul Gage PGT-28125 Tires (4x)
  • Body Mounting Screws (4x)
  • Axle Spacers (6x)
  • Set Screws for Wheels, Crown Gear (6x)
  • Motor Mounting Screws (2x)

Items NOT included in the kit: