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CG Slotcars CGTM15 Reciprocator

U/M: Each

NOTE:  The Reciprocator requires the CG Slotcars Tire Machine Base Module (NOT included - must be purchased separately).

The CG Slotcars CGTM15 Reciprocator is an optional accessory for the CG Slotcars Tire Machine.  The Reciprocator connects directly to the right side of the Tire Machine (see photo).  38mm linear stroke - 10 seconds per cycle.  Includes power supply and link to connect CG Slotcars tire sanding sticks.  Hardware included.

NOTE:  The product picture with reciprocator attached to tire machine (NOT included) also shows optional accessories (e.g part tray, lubricant, wheels, axle, spare pulley, allen wrench, etc.).  The Tire Machine and optional accessories are NOT included with the reciprocator.