XPG 1/24 Drag Racing Tires (Wide)

Paul Gage

SKU: XPG_Drag_Tires_Wide


  • Drag Specials fit 1/24 ProTrack, Parma, H&R, Scaleauto, Sigma type flat flangeless hubs 17mm to 20mm O.D.
  • XPG Extreme Soft compound for smooth wood and plastic tracks
  • measures 1.25" O.D. X 0.62" I.D. X 0.65" W. X 0.65" Flange/Bead W.)
    • mounted on 0.65" wheel = 1.25" O.D.
    • mounted on 0.85" wheel = 1.35" O.D.
  • c/w raised letter sidewall details. They actually handle corners fantastic on this H&R chassis and will make some great HotRod setups.....

Note: Cars, wheels, accessories, and any extra tires in picture not for sale, tire quantity as per description only...thanks