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Track Call Button, Panel Mount, Blue

SKU: RM-02020

Color:  BLUE

These are high-quality track call buttons perfect for panel mounting applications. Mounting hole diameter is 1-1/8". The mounting stem is long enough to mount in surfaces up to 3/4" thick. Includes a high-quality momentary switch and retaining nut. 

Track call buttons are typically used in conjunction with a computer based race management system (e.g. PC LapCounter, Trakmate).  The track call button includes a small momentary switch - when the button is depressed, the switch "momentarily" closes a circuit which signals the race management system to do several things simultaneously:

  • Open a relay which prevent power from flowing to the track.
  • Stop lap counting
  • Stop lap timing

When the button is pressed again, power once again flows to the track and lap counting/timing resumes.

Package includes one (1) each - BLUE track call button, retaining nut, and momentary switch.

Tip:  Because of the large hole required, it is often difficult to include a track call button on the controller hookup panel (driver station). However, the track call button can often be mounted to the side of the controller hookup panel in the wood surface the panel is mounted to.

Note:  These track call buttons have a horizontal switch orientation which works very well for driver's stations.  However, we do not recommend this button/switch for handheld track call buttons where the button/switch will be mounted inside a tube (it can be done; however, you will need to use an oversize tube).  Our handheld track call buttons (prefabricated or kit) include a special button with a vertical switch orientation.