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Tinned Copper Braid, Non-Magnetic, 1/4" x 500 ft. x .038"

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SKU: TB-250040
U/M: 500 Ft.

Note:  Braid length will vary slightly from one roll to the next (+/- 2%).

This is a 500 foot spool of our high-quality, 1/4" wide tinned copper braid (non-magnetic) that is approximately .038" thick (see tab labeled "FAQ" for more information).  This braid provides excellent electrical connectivity with very high "ampacity" (safe current carrying capacity) without the drawbacks of copper tape (e.g. limited ampacity, breakage, lifting, electrical connectivity issues).  The 1/4" track braid we offer is also compatible with several other track building components we offer such as router bits, 2-sided tape and braid roller.  Unlike the flimsy metal spools some of our competitors use, our braid is spooled on high-quality, heavy duty plastic spools.  These spools provide much better protection for the braid during shipment.

Note #1:

Most rolls of braid are one continuous length (piece) of braid; however, it is possible to have rolls with 2 pieces.  Therefore, when installing braid, please note the following:

  • If you plan to install the braid directly from the spool, you may reach the end of a length of braid before reaching the end of the current section of track you are braiding.  Should this happen, simply drill a 1/4" hole in the gain so there will still be at least 10-12" of the current piece of braid to "drop" through the hole.  Insert the first 10-12" of braid from the next piece of braid into the hole and continue braiding.  The ends of the two pieces of braid that were "dropped" under the table can be connected using an electrical wire nut.
  • If you want to ensure you have enough braid for the next section of track you will be braiding, you will need to measure how much braid is required (don't forget to leave 10-12" on both ends for your "drops").  Once you have determined the length of braid required for the track section, measure and cut a piece of braid from the spool.
  • In general, if you are braiding long segments of track (30+'), the first method described above (working directly from the spool) is easier to use.  If you are planning to braid shorter lengths of track (or the track is broken up into individual sections which will be braided individually), either method can be used.  If you don't want additional "drops" within a given segment, use the second method.

Tip - All braid has a fine residue from the manufacturing process.  For best adhesion, clean the braid in a well ventilated area by wiping the braid lightly with a lint-free rag soaked in lacquer thinner prior to installation.  Use rubber gloves and follow all applicable safety precautions.  Once clean, avoid touching the braid surface to ensure best tape adhesion.

*** Shipping Charges - Please Read ***

USPS Priority Mail (domestic) or USPS Priority Mail International (international) only.  USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate services will be used whenever possible to minimize shipping costs.



  1. Q) How thick is this braid?  A) The manufacturer's specification data for this braid indicates the thickness is .030"; however, actual thickness is typically between .024" - .026".
  2. Q)  How deep should the braid recess ("gain") be?  A)  Braid should be recessed slightly - generally between .010" to .020" below the racing surface.  To set the router bit depth, follow these steps:
    • Use a scrap piece of MDF.  Route a test slot 12 - 18 inches long.
    • Set the router bit that will cut the recess to a depth of .040"
    • Route a test recess.
    • Place a piece of track braid in the test recess.
    • The top of the braid should be .010" to .020" below the MDF surface.
    • Adjust the router bit depth and route another test slot (if necessary) and test gain.
    • Repeat until the desired braid recess is achieved.