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3M Double-sided Tape (1/4'' Wide x 5 mil Thick)

SKU: TB-03500

This tape is 1/4" wide and 5 mil (.005") thick. For use with our 1/4" tinned track copper braid.

This is special two-sided tape which is easy to install and provides a bond similar to contact cement for securing braid to your track (gains). As you unroll the tape, the adhesive on one side is exposed which gets carefully pressed into the track "gain". Once the tape has been installed in the track gain, a special protective backing is removed which exposes the adhesive on the other side of the tape (the side of the tape facing upward) the braid will be attached to. The tape has none of the drawbacks associated with contact cement (toxic fumes, limited working time, mess).

Sold in rolls which measure 180' (60 yds.) in length

Tip - All braid has a fine residue from the manufacturing process. For best adhesion, clean the braid in a well ventilated area by wiping the braid lightly with a lint-free rag soaked in lacquer thinner prior to installation. Use rubber gloves and follow all applicable safety precautions. Once clean, avoid touching the braid surface to ensure best tape adhesion.