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SWCAR04B McLaren 720S GTE Historical Racing Edition, No. 39

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Sideways SWCAR04B McLaren 720S GTE Historical Racing Edition, No. 39.  Race ready components throughout - see below.

Note: Baby Raptors in earlier Sideways cars had labels affixed identifying the motor, RPM, etc.. The Baby Raptor in this car has a plain orange can (see product photos).

Race ready components throughout including:

  • Baby Raptor 17,000 RPM motor
  • 11T Pinion / 28T Spur gears
  • 7-Point anglewinder motor mount
  • Adjustable front axle height
  • Adjustable body height (front & rear)
  • Aluminum rear wheels

Quick Slicks tires that fit:

CB57, CB58*, or CB59 (Air Gap)

DF157, DF158, or DF159 (No Air Gap)

("*" denotes tire OD closest to stock)