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SST-003 SCC Metal Motor Shaft Tubing (1.5mm ID)

SKU: SST-003
U/M: Each

CAUTION:  Ends of tubing are sharp - take appropriate safety precautions when handling tubing.  Always wear safety glasses and ensure tubing is secured when cutting.

One (1) piece of 3" long stainless steel tubing - 1.5mm inside diameter x 2mm outside diameter.  Perfect for use with slim-line motors that typically have a 1.5mm shaft and you plan to use a Slot.It crown gear or similar.  A short length of this tubing is typically placed on the end of the motor shaft to keep the crown gear centered which ensures a proper gear mesh.

Tubing is a (snug) slip fit on 1.5mm motor shaft; however, you will need to use Loctite Red 680 (not included) or similar to permanently secure the tubing in place.

Refer to the "Video" button to see a video that shows an example of using this tubing.



Harry Wise from Home Racing World has put together a short video showing a motor swap for a Scalextric Legends F1.  The video covers how this tubing is typically used.  Here is the link to the video.

Scalextric Legends Tuning - Motor Swap