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Sloting Plus SP051001 HyperLube 3/32" Bushings

SKU: SP051001
Sloting Plus Universal "HYPER-LUBE" Bushings - Low friction leaded brass - for 3/32" (2.38mm) axles - for chassis with 4.6 to 4.8mm holes between flanges.  Snaps into most brands of 1/32 scale chassis.

The first bushing in the world created for Slot Racing with the ability to self-lubricate. Its design and posterior manufacture have been a great challenge, because its apparent simplicity hides the enormous difficulty of its manufacture. Thanks to its small conical tank and the tiny hole of 0.20mm in diameter the lubricant flows slowly to the axle lubricating it constantly. The idea of the inner groove has been conceived to achieve two objectives ; reducing the contact area with the axle by 50% and that the inside of the groove acts as a lubricant reservoir. It is ideal for all short races and medium duration races because the axle remains lubricated for much longer than a standard bushing. IMPORTANT TECH NOTE : Before the first use and after each cleaning it is necessary to lubricate as usual, as is usually done in a traditional bushing.


Package contains two (2) bushings.