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SlotInvasion SILK-CB Carrera Guide Flag, Black


SlotInvasion SILK-CB Guide Flag (BLACK) specifically designed for Carrera 1/32 and 1/24 cars.  Improves performance and does not bind in the slot like some stock Carrera guides do.  Easy replacement - no special tools or skills required.  Features:

  • Optimized shape - depth, length and width
  • Strong, low-friction guide made from Glass Fiber Polyamide
  • Smoother lane changes (digital)
  • Guide post fits precisely in guide post holder - no wobbling or instability


  • Blade Length:  30.5mm
  • Blade Depth:  7.1mm
  • Blade Width:  2.35mm


  • Carrera Exclusive cars 2006+
  • Carrera Evolution cars 2007+
  • Digital 1:32 and 1:24 - all years
  • Does NOT fit - Carrera First, Go, Digital 1:43 and non-Carrera brands

Package contains one (1) replacement guide.

Note: Also available in red.  Black and red guides have identical dimensions - the only difference is the color.