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Slot.It GM28o OFFSET Modular Racing Crown Gear, 28-Teeth

SKU: GM28o
U/M: Each

** IMPORTANT:  The Lock Ring, available in two sizes, must be purchased separately to complete assembly of this modular crown gear

Slot.It GM28o OFFSET Modular Racing Crown Gear, 28-Teeth.  These are Slot.It's second generation crown gears featuring less wear and less friction than the first generation crown gears.  This is accomplished by eliminating the integral brass or aluminum hub.  The modular design features three components:

  • Gear - Exactly the same as first generation Slot.It crown gears but without the attached hub
  • Lock Ring - hold the gear assembly in place on the axle allowing for very precise gear mesh adjustment.  Must be purchased separately (see below).
  • Steel Washer (2) - these work as a bearing ("thrust washers") to reduce friction as the gear and lock ring rotate

Assembly is straightforward - click here for instructions.

Click the following link to purchase Lock Rings.