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Slot.It TL01 Professional Pinion Extractor Press

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Slot.It SITL01 Pro Pinion Extractor/Press tool is the perfect tool for removing and installing pinion gears on motor shafts without damaging the motor.  Now in its 3rd release, it works for shaft of 1.5mm and 2mm diameter, pinions from 4.5 to 7mm.

Referring to the accompanying diagram below, the Slot.It Pro Extractor/Press consists of:

  1. Main Frame - Entirely made of fiberglass reinforced plastic.  The main screw runs through two co-moulded brass threads to avoid wearout of the thread itself.  The dimension of the plastic body has been designed to accomodate most 1:32 slot car motors, from the most common short-can to the less common, long-can 4WD motors with dual shafts.
  2. Multi-function Brass Tool - It can be used to extract or press pinions.  It can be rotated around its axis so that the proper tool (pin, for extraction, or cavity, for pressing) is used.  The cavities come in multiple dimensions to accomodate a wide variety of pinions.
  3. Extraction Pin - Each end of the pin is a different diameter.  One end is 1.9mm for motors whose shaft is 2mm (e.g. FC-130 can motors, FK-180 can motors).  The other end is 1.4mm for motors whose shaft is 1.5mm (e.g. FF-050 can motors).  Please use the correct one.
  4. Grub Screw - M3 grub screw, used to keep the Extraction Pin in place.
  5. Extraction Plate - In special steel, it works together with the Extraction Pin to separate the pinion from the motor shaft.
  6. Counter Bushing - This is where the endbell opposite the pinion must rest during pinion insertion.  It can be inserted in either way depending on your motor's endbell.  Never attempt to press a pinion unless the end of the shaft (the one opposed to the pinion) rests safely in the middle of this part!  If your motor's shaft does not go through the endbell, make sure it rests aafely on the bushing.
  7. Advancement Screw
  8. Knob


  1. This tool replaces Slot.It SISP21 Professional Extractor Press.  The redesigned frame is made from high-strength plastic that is very light.  If you plan to experiment with gear ratios, this is an indispensable tool!
  2. When used together with the optional SISP30 (must be purchased separately - see "Related Products" below), it allows pinion pressing, on Slot.It and most other maker's cars, either sidewinder or anglewinder cars, without removing the motor from the car.


Slot.It Professional Extractor Press Instructions