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Slot.It SP15c Digital Chip for Scalextric Digital (SSD)

SKU: SP15c
U/M: Each

** IMPORTANT ** Due to a change made in the Scalextric SSD system, the new SP15c digital chip was modified to remove an LED.  As a result, the chip can only be mounted in the orientation shown below.

Slot.It SP15c Digital Chip for Scalextric Digital (SSD).  The SP15c in-car chip is designed to be 100% compatible with Scalextric's SSD digital system.  SP15c contains the original Scalextric SSD firmware - this means it will behave exactly like the native SSD digital chip.  For SSD operational instructions, please refer to the Scalextric SSD manual.

SP15c features:

  • Small in-car digital chip for Scalextric SSD
  • Designed to fit most modern Slot.It or Policar cars using the latest chassis design with no soldering.  The latest chassis design provides space behind the front axle to mount the SP15c digital chip.
  • Higher current rating than standard Scalextric SSD chip permits use with a wider range of 1:32 motors.
  • Replaces Slot.It part number SP15b

Updated instructions for SP15c.