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Slot.It PI6511E Press-on 11T 6.5mm Ergal SW/AW Pinion Gear

SKU: PI6511E
U/M: Each

Slot.It PI6511E Press-on 11T 6.5mm Ergal SW/AW Pinion Gear is designed for use with Slot.It crown sidewinder and anglewinder driven gears.  The term "ergal" is a trade name for 7075 aluminum alloy.  This pinion gear has 11 teeth (11T), a diameter of 6.5mm and is compatible with motors having a 2mm diameter shaft commonly used by 1/32 slot car racers.

Slot.It 6.5mm pinion gears are generally designed for use with Slot.It sidewinder and anglewinder gears; however, there are always exceptions.  For more information about compatible pinion / driven gear combinations and available gear ratios, please click the link below.

Slot.It Gear Ratio Chart


  • Slot.It pinion gears are designed to be "pressed" onto the motor shaft.  They should only be installed / removed using a pinion puller or pinion press designed specifically for that purpose.  Using other tools/methods will likely result in a damaged pinion, a damaged motor or both.  Our favorite tool for this purpose is a combination puller / press made by Slot.It (see "Related Products" below).  Individual pinion pullers and pinion presses are also available.

Package contains one (1) pinion gear.

Formerly part number SIPI6511e