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Slot.It PI6011o 11T 6.0mm SW/AW Pinion Gear (Brass)

SKU: PI6011o
U/M: Pkg. of 2



Slot.It offers a wide selection of brass pinion gears designed for use with Slot.It crown (inline), sidewinder and anglewinder driven gears.  This pinion gear has 11 teeth (11T), a diameter of 6.0mm and is compatible with motors having a 2mm diameter shaft commonly used by 1/32 slot car racers.


Slot.It 6.0mm pinion gears are designed for use with Slot.It 19mm spur (sidewinder) gears and Slot.It 16mm anglewinder gears in combination with specific Slot.It motor mounts.  For more information about compatible motor mounts, pinion / driven gear combinations and available gear ratios, please click the link below.


Slot.It Gear Ratio Chart



  • Slot.It pinion gears are designed to be "pressed" onto the motor shaft.  They should only be installed / removed using a pinion puller or pinion press designed specifically for that purpose.  Using other tools/methods will likely result in a damaged pinion, a damaged motor or both.  Our favorite tool for this purpose is a combination puller / press made by Slot.It (see "Related Products" below).  Individual pinion pullers and pinion presses are also available.


Package contains two (2) pinion gears.