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Slot.It PI5510o15 Pinion Gear, 10T, 5.5mm, Inline, Brass

SKU: PI5510o15
U/M: Pkg. of 2



These Slot.It brass pinion gears are designed for use with smaller diameter 1.5mm motor shafts.  For example, a "slim-can" (FF-050) motor has a 1.5mm diameter shaft.  This pinion gear has 10 teeth (10T), a diameter of 5.5mm and is compatible with motors having a 1.5mm diameter shaft.


Slot.It 5.5mm pinion gears are generally designed for use with Slot.It Crown (inline) gears; however, there are always exceptions.  For more information about compatible pinion / driven gear combinations and available gear ratios, please click the link below.


IMPORTANT:  Space constraints in cars where slim-can motors are often used may also limit your selection of crown gears.  The diameter of a crown gear will increase as the number of teeth increases.  While the Gear Ratio Chart shows all possible combinations, it is up to you to determine if a given crown gear will actually fit in your car. 


Slot.It Gear Ratio Chart



  • Slot.It pinion gears are designed to be "pressed" onto the motor shaft.  They should only be installed / removed using a pinion puller or pinion press designed specifically for that purpose AND compatible with the smaller 1.5mm motor shafts.  Using other tools/methods will likely result in a damaged pinion, a damaged motor or both.  Our favorite tool for this purpose is a combination puller / press made by Slot.It (see "Related Products" below).


Package contains two (2) pinion gears.