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MN11h-2 Slot.It 22,000 RPM Motor, Flat 6

SKU: MN11h-2
U/M: Each

This is a Slot.It Flat-6 motor rated at 22,000 rpm and 200g*cm of torque at 12V.  The Flat-6 is a revolutionary new concept in slot car racing motors.  It is a custom-built Slot.It motor designed both to be compatible with the existing Boxer/NC type motor pods, and to take advantage of a lower center of gravity when used in special Slot.It motor pods.  Due to its "slim" form, the Flat-6 motor can also be used in an anglewinder configuration under streamlined LMP racers like Slot.It's Audi R8C and Scaleauto's Toyota GT1.

The 22K Flat-6 motor uses an "open" can design.  The open can motor has stronger magnetic attraction and better heat dissipitation.  The stronger magnetic attraction is a possible consideration when running on plastic track or wood tracks with magnetic braid.

Note:  No pinion is included.

Package includes one (1) motor.