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Silicone Controller Lead Wire - Multi-Color, 14 AWG

SKU: SW-11040

Note:  Your are currently viewing the MULTI-COLOR (1 ea. black, white & red) silicone motor lead wire.


Made to our specifications, our Slot Car Corner 14 AWG Silicone Controller Lead Wire features a very high strand count copper wire protected by a silicone jacket (insulation).  The result is a very flexible wire ideally suited for applications such as controller lead wire replacement/upgrade and controller lead wire extensions.  The length of controller lead wires varies from one controller manufacturer to the next but is typically somewhere between 36 - 42 inches.  Our kit includes three (3) pieces of slightly longer silicone wire - each is pre-cut to 44 inches.  The additional length makes it possible for longer lead wires and/or extensions if desired.


Slot Car Corner 14 AWG Silicone Controller Lead Wire is available in single color (black only, white only or red only) and multi-color (one wire in each of the 3 colors) variations.


Note:  Longer lengths available upon request - please contact us for more information.