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Slot.It KK03c Rear Axle Assembly for Older Carrera

SKU: KK03c
U/M: Each

KK03C Slot.It Rear Axle Assembly for older Carrera cars (see note).  Includes:

  • 26 tooth crown gear, bronze hub (1)
  • 9 tooth 5.5mm brass pinion (1)
  • 17.3 x 9.75mm aluminum insert wheels (2) - Note:  Wheel inserts are NOT included.
  • Double flange bronze bushings (2)
  • 3/32" solid steel axle (1)
  • M2 x 3mm set screws (3)

Note:  The bushings in this kit are designed for older Carrera cars that have the unique plastic bushings that required a top plate to hold them

Note:  You will need a hex driver to tighten/loosen the set screws that secure the gear and wheels to the axle.  See "Related Products".