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SCC Gear Ratio Chart

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Download by clicking here ==> Gear Ratio Chart offers a wide range of high-quality inline, sidewinder and anglewinder gear sets.  It can be very confusing to determine which inline, sidewinder or anglewinder gears work with which pinions.  To eliminate the confusion, we've put together a Gear Ratio Chart which provides a wealth of useful information including:

  • Valid combinations of inline (crown), sidewinder (spur) and anglewinder (spur) gears and corresponding pinion gears
  • Color coding matches actual inline, anglewinder and spur gears.
  • Available gear ratios using valid combinations of gear sets helps you tune your car
  • Recommended motor mounts for different gear set combinations
  • part numbers for all gears and related motor mounts


Click on the link above to view the Gear Ratio Chart.  You can then save it on your PC and/or print it.