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Slot.It GA1835e 18mm Ergal Anglewinder Gear, 35T

SKU: GA1835e
U/M: Each

SIGA1835E Slot.It 18mm anglewinder gears (ergal) are used to achieve proper gear mesh when motors are mounted at a slight angle to the rear axle.  Unlike sidewinder gears that have straight cut teeth, the teeth on an anglewinder gear have a slight bevel.  While an anglewinder setup can be used for short-can (FC-130) motors, it is usually used for long-can (FK-180) motors that can't be used in a sidewinder configuration because of 1:32 chassis width constraints.   The term "ergal" is a trade name for 7075 aluminum alloy.  This anglewinder gear has 35 teeth (35T).


Selecting a pinion gear to mesh properly with Slot.It 18mm anglewinder gears will depend on the motor and motor mount you plan to use.  For for information about compatible pinion gears for various Slot.It motors, motor mounts and available gear ratios, please click the link below.


Slot.It Gear Ratio Chart



  • We recommend a Slot.It or Sloting Plus 3/32" solid axle (see "Related Products" below).
  • While not required, we recommend applying a VERY THIN layer of grease on the pinion gear and anglewinder gear teeth.  Our Super Lube Grease with PTFE (see "Related Products" below) is an excellent lubricant for this purpose.
  • Slot.It anglewinder gears are secured to the axle using an M2x3mm set screw that is included.  You will need a .9mm hex driver to install/remove the set screw (see "Related Products" below).  Use care not to overtighten the set screw as you can strip the threads in the anglewinder gear.  Replacement M2 set screws are available in the "Related Products" section below - it's a good idea to have some spares on your bench and/or in your pit box.


Package contains one (1) anglewinder gear.