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Sideways SW19 Porsche 935/78 Group 5 Le Mans Test Car

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Sideways SW19 Porsche 935/78 Group 5 Le Mans Test Car

After developing an evolution version of the 935 Group 5 for 1977, called the 935/2, Porsche started a completely new aerodynamic design for the 1978 works 935. Tested at length in Weissach and Paul Ricard, the 935/78 it was characterized by a very low and profiled bodywork, obviously leaving unchanged the cockpit area, as per Group 5 regulation. The 935/78 was then entered in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Norisring 200 miles and the 6 Hours of Vallelunga. "Moby Dick" ran only with the official Porsche team; in 1981 Reinhold Joest, however, made a similar car, known as 935 / 78-81, starting from original designs of the house, which was used in various championships, in Europe and in the United States. Some American teams such as Andial also copied the 935/78 bodywork to adapt it to more or less modified 935 chassis.


  • Racer Sideways Porsche 935/78 Group 5 Moby Dick Martini Le Mans Test Version 1978. Driven by Paul Ricard.
  • This car comes stock with angle winder pod with the long can Flat 6 20,000 RPM high torque motor, tempered rear axle, high performance angle winder spur gear with brass pinion on the motor shaft, large hub aluminum wheels with set screws in the rear, 1 neodymium magnet, brass axle bushings for the rear axle.
  • Large hub wheels on this car in place of the small hub wheels found on many other cars to increase acceleration and top speed even further.
  • Silver tinned competition braid.
  • White with Martini Racing, Dunlop and Bilstein Sponsorship.
  • The cars are highly detailed and beautifully finished.