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Slot Car Corner Controller Holder

U/M: Each

"Man! These things are so nice! The top is even laser etched with their logo. Very sturdy, very cool, and very practical. Much nicer than throwing the controller on the track, the floor, or in some cobbled-together gizmo. Best $$$ I ever spent on the track!"

David Reinecke

"I received the controller holders and installed them last weekend at the track. They are absolutely fantastic - just like all the other products you sell."

Marty (Austin Slot Car Club)

Tired of accidentally knocking your controller onto the hard floor? Or having someone set their controller down on your track and causing an accident or short circuit? Let's face it - whether you spend $20, $200 or more on a controller it represents a significant investment that you want to protect. While we can't guarantee our controller holders will completely eliminate the possibility of damage, we can say with confidence they will greatly reduce that risk. If you're looking for an attractive, easy-to-use solution for securing your controller(s) when not in use, look no further! Slot Car Corner now offers high-quality controller holders which were specifically designed and fabricated with the needs of slot car racers in mind. Our controller holders include these great features:

  • Controller rests securely in the holder when not in use - prevents damage and expensive repairs
  • Fabricated from 1/8" thick brushed aluminum plate - lightweight yet very sturdy and durable
  • Design makes inserting/removing controller quick and easy
  • Works with aftermarket controllers featuring an inverted L-shaped handle (e.g. 3rd Eye, Difalco, Slot.It, JayGee, Parma, Professor Motor, Ruddock, etc.)
  • Does not interfere with use of controller when not in use
  • Easy-to-install on vertical track/table surface with included mounting hardware (typical install takes 2-3 minutes)
  • Attractive design adds a professional look which compliments any layout
  • Can be painted to match lane colors if desired


1) SCC does not offer pre-painted holders

2) Controllers, driver's stations and track shown in product pictures are NOT included!