IC2000 Tire Adhesive, 1/2 oz.

Slot Car Corner


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IC2000 Tire Adhesive is a rubber-toughened CA ("cyanoacrylate" - more commonly called "super glue") that forms superior shock resistant bonds on non-porous surfaces. The black colored CA has added flexibility for the bonding of a variety of materials including metal, rubber and silicone. When cured, IC-2000™ is pliable enough to be carved with a hobby knife. IC-2000™ is the best adhesive for gluing slot car tires (rubber, urethane, or silicone) to wheels.

Recommended Uses:    Gluing slot car tires to wheels.

Size:  1/2 oz.

Cure Time:

  • Urethane tires - 10-15 seconds
  • Silicone tires - 15-20 seconds

Caution:  Once a tire is glued to a wheel with IC2000, the bond is permanent.  If the tire is subsequently removed from the wheel, there is a very high probability the tire will be damaged.  If you need to remove the tire for subsequent reuse, do NOT use IC2000.

Tip:  To prolong the useful life of IC2000, we strongly recommend refrigerating when not in use.