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SCC Motor Screws, Shorter 2mm Length, Panhead

SKU: MT-0450

Note:  Screws have phillips panhead and are 2mm long.  This is shorter than standard length (4mm) motor screws for applications where the screw threads interfere with the commutator.  The 2mm motor screws can be used with many brass motor brackets which are typically thinner than plastic motor mounts.

Slot Car Corner motor retaining screws help you securely fasten the motor to the chassis. This prevents the motor's torque from twisting the motor which can adversely affect the gear mesh and/or twist the chassis which affects the car's handling. Note that not all motors/chassis are designed for motor retaining screws. The motor's housing ("can") must be drilled/tapped to accept M2 screws and the car's chassis (or motor pod) must have pre-drilled holes which line up with the motor holes.

Package of ten (10) screws.