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SCC M2 x 8.0mm Set Screws, Oval Point, Black

SKU: M28010-OV

Slot Car Corner first introduced these set screws almost 10 years ago - our customers have been using them with excellent results ever since.  Unlike set screws used to secure wheels and gears to axles which typically feature a "cup" point, these set screws have a smooth, rounded oval "point".  The result is REDUCED FRICTION as the front axle rotates.  In addition, the oval point allows for more precise adjustment and positioning of the front axle than is possible with a cup point set screw.  Our oval point set screws are RACE-PROVEN in numerous grueling 24 hour endurance races (Chicago 24, Michigan 24, Quebec City 24), numerous proxy races (CanAm, Race Across America, Forums Cup) and other competitive events.

Our oval point set screws are made from hardened steel and ideal for use with adjustable front axle mounts featured on an increasing numbers of cars including newer Slot.It, Sideways and Scaleauto cars.    SCC M2 Oval Point Set Screws are available in several lengths including 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm and feature a black oxide finish.

Requires a .9mm hex wrench for installation and removal (available for purchase separately).

Sold in packages of ten (10).