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SCC Dampening Rings, 2.0mm (ID), Thin

SKU: DR-0020

SCC Dampening Rings, 2.0mm (ID), Thin are designed to dampen motor pod and body movement.

For motor pods (mounts), the SCC Dampening Rings are placed above the motor pod. They are held in place by nuts securing the motor mount retaining screws (included with SCC motor pod hardware kit available separately - see the "Related Products" tab). SCC Dampening Rings provide some resistance as the motor mount nears the limits of side-to-side travel. The result is a less disruption as the motor pod moves side-to-side when cornering which results in smoother, more predictable handling.

For body mounts, SCC Dampening Rings are placed between the chassis and body mounting posts. The dampening rings result in smoother, more consistent body "float".

Package includes eight (8) SCC Dampening Rings.


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