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SCC Braid Drop Termination Kit

SKU: TB-08502

SOur braid drop termination kit is the perfect way to terminate braid drops under the track and provide an easy way to tie the drops into your overall track wiring.  The kit consists of special heavy duty terminal blocks which are WAY more robust than the undersized terminal blocks available at the local electronics store.  Our blocks also feature screw/post spacing that is perfect for braid drops and allow heavy-duty electrical terminals to be easily and securely attached.  Kit includes heavy duty ring terminals which are crimped onto the braid drops and then attached to the terminal block (refer to products photos).  Kits are available for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 lanes.  You will need 1 kit for each set of braid drops you plan to terminate and incorporate into your track wiring.  Includes mounting hardware and wiring templates.



1)  If you purchase a complete Wood Track Wiring Kit, they contain two (2) braid termination kits.

2)  Track braid and wire are shown for illustration purposes only - these items are NOT included with this kit.