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Scaleauto SC-6323 Porsche 963 GTP No. 6

SKU: SC-6323
U/M: Each


  • The "Porsche" nameplate on the rear of the car is upside down on the cars we have in stock (see photo below).  Scaleauto is aware of this; however, there is no remedy forthcoming.  If you are a collector or "rivet counter", this may be a showstopper.  If you plan to race the car, this "feature" is barely noticeable and has no affect on the car's performance whatsover.

  • The rear wing on some cars is shipped in a small plastic bag located under the base of the plastic case.  You must CAREFULLY install the wing.

Scaleauto SC-6323 Porsche 963 GTP No. 6, 24 Hours of Daytona 2023.  This 1:32 ANALOG slot car features race-ready components throughout including:

  • Pro in-flex RT4 soft chassis (grey)
  • 22.5K RPM Anglewinder Motor (SC-0029)
  • RT4 offset (0.75mm) motor mount
  • Advanced guide with screw (SC-1608B)
  • Tempered steel axles - 2.38mm OD
  • Plastic front wheels
  • Aluminum rear wheels
  • RT compound tires front and rear