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Scaleauto SC-5079F ProTool Reamer, 3mm, 3/32", 2mm

SKU: SC-5079F
U/M: Each
Scaleauto SC-5079F Pro Reamer Tool 3mm, 3/32, 2mm. Plastic/aluminium handle with interchangeable bit.  This is a precision tool designed to clear burrs and excess material from the axle bore of both 1/32 and 1/24 wheels/hubs and gears. The tool integrates 3 different reaming sizes in a convenient single rod so it can clear up and fine adjust the diameter for 3mm, 2,38mm (this is 3/32) and 2mm drills.
Secure the interchangeable bit onto the handle with the 1.50mm M3 grub screw provided.
  • Handle length: 60mm
  • Reamer length: 99mm