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SC604b Samson Classics Guide Tube (Flat Mount) - 3.55mm ID

SKU: SC604b
U/M: Each



Most of you I'm sure have had issues with guide posts not fitting properly in regular K&S tubing sizes, and I know some folk have had issues adapting the regular 1/32 scale small guide posts into spring steel chassis that are designed to accept a guide with a 3/16" post. Well, your troubles are over.  Samson Classics Guide Tubes are available in two (2) styles - Flat and Spigot (flange is offset 3/16" from one end of the tube).  Both styles are available in three (3) different sizes (ID's) - 1/8", 3.55mm and 3.70mm.  Each guide tube has small machined dimples to make it easy to identify the ID (see below).

*    1/8" (no dimples) - to fit TSRF guides and many vintage guides that had 1/8" shafts
*    3.55 mm (1 dimple) - to fit NSR and guides, as well as the ScaleAuto SC16007 and 1608 replacement guides and any others with a similar size
*    3.70 mm (2 dimples) - to fit the Scale Auto SC1603 and 1604 guides, the Sloting Plus guide, and any others with a similar size

The tube length is generous enough to accommodate all guide post lengths, and can obviously be cut to size as required


*** Please Note ***  You are currently viewing the FLAT guide post with a 3.55mm ID.


Package contains one (1) guide post.



  1. You may also need to open our the bottom of the hole a little to accommodate the taper that is on most guide posts. Do this either with a tapered reamer, or with a new X-acto blade until the guide for snug.
  2. Cut the tube to whatever length you need using a Dremel cut off disc or a metal saw.