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SC603d Samson Classics Guide Tube (Spigot Mount) - Special Taper

SKU: SC603d

Most of you I'm sure have had issues with guide posts not fitting properly in regular K&S tubing sizes, and I know some folk have had issues adapting the regular 1/32 scale small guide posts into spring steel chassis that are designed to accept a guide with a 3/16" post. Well, your troubles are over.  Samson Classics Guide Tubes are available in two (2) styles - Flat and Spigot (flange is offset 3/16" from one end of the tube).  Both styles are available in four (4) different sizes (ID's) - 1/8", 3.55mm, 3.70mm and .  Each guide tube has small machined dimples to make it easy to identify the ID (see below).

  • 1/8" (no dimples) - to fit TSRF guides and many vintage guides that had 1/8" shafts
  • 3.55 mm (1 dimple) - to fit NSR and guides, as well as the ScaleAuto SC16007 and 1608 replacement guides and any others with a similar size
  • 3.70 mm (2 dimples) - to fit the Scale Auto SC1603 and 1604 guides, the Sloting Plus guide, and any others with a similar size
  • Special taper - These are new, specially tapered and shortened to provide a good fit on the Slot.It CH07 Wood Track Guide.

The tube length is generous enough to accommodate all guide post lengths, and can obviously be cut to size as required

*** Please Note ***  You are currently viewing the SPIGOT guide tube with the special taper.

Package contains one (1) guide post.



  1. You may also need to open our the bottom of the hole a little to accommodate the taper that is on most guide posts. Do this either with a tapered reamer, or with a new X-acto blade until the guide for snug.
  2. Cut the tube to whatever length you need using a Dremel cut off disc or a metal saw.