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SCC Gear/Wheel Reamer, 3/32"

SKU: SC-20010
U/M: Each

The SCC gear/wheel reamer is designed to enlarge the inner bore of gears and/or axles slightly to provide the proper fit on 3/32" axles (part # SIPA01).  Made of HSS to ensure the cutting flutes remain sharp for years of use.  Examples of typical uses:

  • Enlarge the inner bore of NSR gears to fit 3/32" axles.  NSR gears have an inner bore which is just a "tad" too small for 3/32" axles.  If you would like to use an NSR spur/anglewinder gear with a 3/32" axle, the SCC gear/wheel reamer will remove just the right amount of material for a proper fit.
  • Enlarge the inner bore of stock/aftermarket wheels to fit 3/32" axles.  If you plan to use a stock/aftermarket wheel with a 3/32" axle but the fit is too tight, never force the wheel on the axle!  Instead, use the SCC gear/wheel reamer to remove a slight amount of material for a proper fit.


  • The reamer "flutes" (cuting edges) are extremely sharp!  Use precaution when handling the reamer not to get cut.
  • The reamer should NOT be used with a power tool - hand ream gears/wheels only.
  • The reamer should ONLY be turned clockwise to prevent damage to the cutting flutes.
  • Before each use, carefully coat the reamer with a fine coat of cutting oil for bes results and to prolong the life of the reamer.
  • Wear eye protection when using a reamer.
  • The reamer will produce very fine, sharp metal shavings.  Use precaution when cleaning/removing the shavings not to get cut.