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SC-1603 Scaleauto Club Guide, 8.3mm Blade, 3.7mm Shaft

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SKU: SC-1603

Scaleauto SC-1603 Club Guide, 8.3mm Blade, 3.7mm Shaft.  Includes spacers and screws to secure the guide.  Compatible with CG Slotcars guide adapters.  For NSR, see SC-1607 which has a slightly smaller guide post diameter.

Note:  May require some/all of the following:

  • Enlarging guide post holder (proceed very carefully and at your own risk) and/or sanding guide shaft for a proper fit.
  • Trimming guide post to required length.
  • Sanding blade width for narrow slots. 
  • Trimming/sanding blade depth to match slot depth. 

Package contains two (2) guides.