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Roller Test Bench

SKU: RT-0100

Note:  Earlier roller test benches had a digital voltage readout.  The current model does not since most power supplies already have a digital voltage readout.

It's easy to look at the Roller Test Bench and dismiss it ("What's the big deal?"). The roller test bench doesn't measure anything directly. However, looks can be deceiving - here are some of the things you can do with the Roller Test Bench.

  • Break-in motors
  • Break in gears (i.e. improve gear mesh)
  • Check/adjust gear mesh
  • Check for bent axles
  • Check for excessive rear bushing play ("slop")
  • Check for out-of-round wheels and/or tires
  • Check for tires that are not seated on wheels properly
  • Examine drivetrain components while running (body off)
  • Check for body interference (body on) - simulate body roll by putting light pressure on different areas of the body
  • Check rear wheel RPM's (requires non-contact tachometer which must be purchased separately)

Fits 1:32 and most 1:24 RTR cars. (e.g. Carrera, BRM, Scaleauto).  Roller that supports rear tires is 3-1/2" wide.

Roller Test Bench Tips

We've been using variations of this tool for the past 7-8 years. It's simple to use and effective. Whenever Team SCC goes racing, there's a Roller Test Bench in our pit box.

Home Racing World Review

Note:  Requires external power supply - not included.  Recommended 0 - 15 variable DC with minimum 4A continuous current rating and a digital voltage and current readout.

Note:  You can easily use this test bench with Carrera digital cars. Most Carrera digital cars have a switch underneath that will change them to analog. Or you can take the body off and just direct plug the guide wire to the motor wire and bypass the digital chip.  Then just reconnect the plugs to the digital chip when you are done using the Roller Test Bench.