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Potentiometer, 50 Ohms


This is a 50 ohm wirewound potentiometer (often called a "pot") rated at 5 watts which is well suited to most 1/32 RTR cars. These pots are a direct replacement for those found on Difalco 1/32 controllers - while they are generally reliable, it is a good idea to carry a spare in your pit box.  The threaded bushing is also long enough to mount into a driver's panel/station that is up to 1/4" thick.

The standard pot rating, for both braking and sensitivity, on many Difalco 1/32 controllers is 25 ohms.  Some racers prefer a 50 ohm pot as it offers a wider range of adjustment.  This pot could also be mounted to a driver station if desired.

Potentiometer includes a retaining nut.