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PMTR2146 Professor Motor 45 Ohm Resistor Controller w/Carrera Terminals

U/M: Each

Professor Motor 45 Ohm Resistor Controller - Includes 16 gage 42" PVC insulated wire harness, Carrera terminals color coded and electronic self resetting circuit breaker to protect against accidental misconnect

This controller is NOT polarity sensitive - Recommended Applications :
Stock or mildly tuned RTR Cars (1/32 Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco, Monogram, etc.), stock to moderate tuned HO.

Easily upgraded with a rotary pot to provide adjustable variable braking performance


For questions about controller operation or basic troubleshooting, contact Slot Car Corner for assistance.  For problems that require more in-depth troubleshooting, repair or replacement, you will need to contact Professor Motor directly for assistance.  For convenience, we have provided contact information below.


phone:  (734) 316-2177