PMTR2122 PM Electronic Controller

Professor Motor


PMTR2122 Professor Motor "Low Cost " Model Electronic Slot Racing Controller - Includes heavy 13 gage silicone insulated wire harness, solid copper alligator clips with color coded insulating boots. Recommended Operating Voltage Range : 12 to 15 volts - POSITIVE polarity - New "Platinum Series" transistor based technology - Recommended Applications : Stock or mildly tuned 1/32 & HO RTR Cars (Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco, Monogram, etc.), stock to moderate tuned HO.

Note:  Handle color varies (accompanying product photo shows Clear handle).

Important:  NOT for use with plastic track using the standard powerbase and wiring or hard wired tracks wired for negative polarity.  If in doubt, please contact us BEFORE ordering.