PMTR2120 PM Electronic Controller

Professor Motor


PMTR2120 Professor Motor 1/32 "Low Cost" Model Electronic Slot Racing Controller is a great choice for an entry-level controller.  Features include 16 gage PVC insulated wire harness, nickel plated alligator clips with color coded insulating boots.  Recommended voltage range is 10 - 15 VDC (note this controller is usually rated from 14 - 19 VDC - the one's we offer have been specially configured to work at lower track voltages).  POSITIVE polarity - new "Platinum Series" transistor technology.  Recommended applications - stock or mildly tuned 1/32 RTR (Ready to Run) cars from manufacturers such as Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco,, NSR, Monogram, etc.).

Note:  Handle color varies.

Important:  NOT for use with plastic track using the standard powerbase and wiring or hard wired tracks wired for negative polarity.  If in doubt, please contact us BEFORE ordering.